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By Christine Green

Make outside playtime enjoyable and stress-free with this excellent choice of conventional and new video games that would quickly develop into playground favourites. The actions use available gear akin to balls and skipping ropes and should swimsuit person scholars, teams or maybe the full classification.

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Explain to the children that you are going to start by saying a word as you throw the ball to the first child. ✦ As this child catches the ball, they will say another word that has the opposite meaning to the word you have just said, for example ‘small’ … big, large, huge, giant, great, massive etc. See how many words the children can come up with. ✦ Have the children stand in two equal lines opposite each other, while you stand at one end between the lines. ✦ Throw the ball to the first child and say a word (make sure the words you give have plenty of opposite meanings).

The fielders select a bowler, four basemen, a homebase guard and fielders. ✦ The children hit the ball and score by making a run/rounder by running around all four bases and home again. ✦ Whether or not the batter hits the ball, they can decide to run to first base or further. Each subsequent time the ball is bowled, the runners can move on. They can run on one base or all the way to home base to score a rounder. The batter cannot overtake any of their team members while they are in play. ✦ The aim for the fielding team is to stop as many of their opponents scoring by throwing the ball to any of the bases the opponents are running to.

It might be useful to discuss and reinforce topics relating to different countries, ie capital cities, language, currency, famous buildings. ✦ All players form a circle and one person has to stand in the middle with the ball. He/she must then choose a category, ie toys: capital cities, sports etc. ✦ Once decided they must then throw the ball to someone in the circle and at the same time shout out a category to which the person catching the ball has to reply with an answer. Example: David throws the ball to Simon and shouts out, ‘Capital of France’, to which Simon immediately replies,’Paris’ and returns back the ball.

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