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By June Scott

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500 Cryptic Clues is the fitting booklet for all crossword solvers and puzzle fanatics. June Scott has compiled lists of cryptic clues (usually in simple terms present in crossword grids) and demanding situations her readers to resolve them. With its exact record variety layout, and thematically grouped clues, 500 Cryptic Clues will problem puzzlers to enhance their cryptic clue talents whereas having fun with fixing the puzzles. Pocket-sized, this can be a ideal and weird publication for travelers, commuters and someone who enjoys fixing cryptic clues and be aware puzzles.

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Loud stringed instrument. 12. Rubbish if you stick on sticks. 13. Sounds like signs. 14. Twice sailor over ship. 15. Add a hundred to a headless bird. 16. Spot the lady. 17. Established in both or none. 18. Noisy unscrupulous money-making activity. 19. About about with nothing less. 20. Turn up in video box. 21. Dead upset in France with part of the skeleton. 22. Recall half the instruction. 23. Entertainment for little Georgina. 24. Eternal geometric shape. 25. Spelling coke! NOVELISTS 1. Electric discharge.

Bizarre cruel complaint. 21. Listen to rubbish and staple. 22. I spy rule! 23. Odds on downpour. 24. Father encircles first lady. 25. Concerning flu and unknown quantity. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS 1. Pointed without giving direction. 2. Popular in French wine. 3. An untruthful person? 4. Unruly rascal is discovered in sacred building. 5. Plank with locking device. 6. Hundred measure zero. 7. Dismiss nevertheless. 8. Backbone took first letter. 9. Holdall for tubes. 10. Scotsman at the hub of the Post Office.

Sounds as if golfers might play here. 14. Underground spy. 15. Dodge pig. 16. Beige or khaki. 17. Grips knob! 18. Loud animal. 19. Retreat in airstrip attack. 20. Patrol car. 21. Last letter sent to home office. 22. Animal with scales? 23. Inland Revenue at the centre of stupid blunder. 24. Southern tipple. 25. Astute – lose a penny. BIRDS 1. Birds fly back for another. 2. Vacancy within hotel. 3. Large quarry. 4. Darkness in storm. 5. She has oxygen and nitrogen. 6. Twist two ways. 7. Honest cat!

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