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By Gerald C. Davison, John M. Neale

ISBN-10: 0471386995

ISBN-13: 9780471386995

This article is still essentially the most present, authoritative overviews of the theories and examine in psychopathology and intervention. Its broadly praised clinical medical technique blends the scientific and empirical/experimental because the authors learn each one affliction from a number of views. The textual content emphasizes diverse paradigms with a specific emphasis at the diathesis-stress paradigm as invaluable for realizing such a lot psychopathologies.

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D. attachment and gestalt problems. 10. Contemporary psychologists primarily consider themselves a. eclectic. b. psychoanalytic or psychodynamic therapists. c. behavior therapists. d. cognitive or cognitive-behavior therapists. SHORT ANSWER 1. According to behavioral genetics, what is the relationship between genes and abnormal behavior? 2. Why is “reductionism” a problem when developing theories? 3. What is contained in the collective unconscious according to Jung? 4. In psychoanalysis why is lifting repression considered desirable?

4 1) Conditioned stimulus [CS] (p. 41) Conditioned response [CR] (p. 42) Extinction (p. 42) Law of effect (p. 42) Instrumental learning (p. 42) 17 18 Chapter 2 Operant conditioning (p. 42) Discriminative stimulus (p. 42) Positive reinforcement (p. 42) Negative reinforcement (p. 43) Shaping (p. 43) Successive approximations (p. 43) Modeling (p. 43) Mediational theory of learning (p. 44) Mediator (p. 44) Avoidance conditioning (p. 44) Behavior therapy (p. 44) Behavior modification (p. 44) Counterconditioning (p.

Describe two goals of existential therapy. Describe the basic goal of gestalt therapy. Describe five gestalt techniques and how each can help reach the basic goal. (p. 37-40) Chapter 2 23 11. Evaluate humanistic-existential paradigms by describing (a) two criticisms of their assumptions and (b) research on client-centered therapy. (p. 40–4 1) LEARNING PARADIGMS (p. 41–49) 12. How did dissatisfaction with introspection lead to the rise of the learning paradigm? What are the assumptions of behaviorism as developed by Watson and others?

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