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Once again I find myself expecting to wake up from this dream. If I could hasten that by pinching myself, I would, but alas even going at my fingers with sharp bits hasn’t done it, so I have but to wait, or to accept. this. Or, to be more accurate, anything, many things. Despite all my purported faith in my own project, I never really believed it would work without a hitch. I assumed it would be a good first try, a huge batch of data to keep us busy for years refining the process. But what if it worked without a hitch?

My date and I drove home in a silent car with no steering wheel, through beautiful countryside, to a beautiful home. When I kissed her goodnight, I thought, “You love me,” and I could feel her body respond with passion. “I love you,” she said. Much of today was spent lifting heavy objects when no one was looking, and ogling naked women through their clothes with my x-ray eyes. The latter was completely intuitive, once I knew to try. It’s really very distracting—I don’t know how Clark Kent ever got any work done.

Man, we had to try it to see if it did half of what the comments implied it did. ” I asked. ” “Anyway, the simulation looked well-behaved, so we had only to hack in some virtual input and output devices—give you eyes and ears—and fire you up. ” I asked. He laughed. “Now what? I don’t know. Yesterday I would have said: wow, what a great tool for studying the behaviors of all these various brain circuits. Let’s take it apart and play with each bit in isolation. Let’s make the first good maps of what’s connected to what.

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After Life - Novella by Simon Funk

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