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By Luke Bencie

Every one enterprise day, a few 35,000 executives, scientists, specialists, and legal professionals go through the nation's airports to locations around the globe. they convey, in addition to proprietary records and desktop records, the newest in own digital apparatus. although, conscientiously staring at so much of these travelers—beginning the instant they come on the airport and infrequently sooner—are uncounted numbers of espionage operatives.

These contributors paintings for international intelligence companies and fiscal matters and search to split foreign company tourists from their exchange secrets and techniques. To prevail, they use many time-tested concepts to trap unsuspecting tourists into susceptible or compromising positions. additionally they hire the most recent digital capability to scouse borrow enterprise info frequently at a distance from their prey. this can be the twenty first century, in any case, and monetary and business espionage became multibillion-dollar organizations, using a wide range of the main refined capability to procure proprietary details.

Luke Bencie is a veteran of this fight. He understands in detail the threats company tourists face and the way to strive against these threats. In Among Enemies: Counter-Espionage for the enterprise Traveler, Bencie presents every little thing you must understand to guard your self and your organization from tried espionage.

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I have also seen how Russia systematically tries to undermine their sovereignty and subvert their security. The tales of the spy wars there include torture and treachery, deep deceptions and cynical double-dealing. They feature tragedy and triumph, brilliance and bungling, heroism, sacrifice, betrayal – and deception. The first episode comes in the months after the Russian revolution of 1917, when outside governments, chiefly Britain, France and the United States, believed that they could snuff out the communist experiment before it took root and spread to other countries.

Simm was an exception because he was caught. So too were Ms Chapman and the spies in America. But their story reveals the long-term efforts Russia makes and the vulnerabilities it exploits. How many other ‘illegals’ are living unnoticed in Britain, Europe or America? And how many agents have they recruited? Raising the alarm over this is a central aim of this book. The West has largely let down its guard. The CIA’s counter-espionage officers and their counter-intelligence colleaguesh at the FBI still devote time and money to catching Russian spies.

For a brief while, the collapse of communism looked set to doom the whole business. Now that the Soviet Union was gone, and with it the danger of the Cold War turning hot, what was left to spy on? But the champagne corks that spooks popped in Britain and America in August 1991 were as premature as the gloom in the Lubyanka as the statue of Felix Dzerzhinsky, Lenin’s secret-police chief, was hauled away by a crane to the cheers of exuberant Muscovites. MI6, the CIA and their partner services rejigged their budgets and turned to new targets: rogue arms dealers, terrorists, gangsters and cyber-criminals.

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