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Crosland had a different explanation: 'Everybody knew the pound was over-valued. '87 Everybody, in other words, except the Labour Leader. A member of the Labour Cabinet since 1965, the President of the Board of Trade in the eventful period from August 1967 to October 1969, Crosland was in a strong position to know who had wanted devaluation at an early date - and who had stubbornly made up his mind to buck the market at the cost of growth. Crosland on the Labour Right preferred a devalued or a floating pound to the depressing alternative of domestic deflation and public expenditure cuts.

A phrase like 'but when one got to know him' recurs with remarkable regularity in the recollections of those who knew Tony Crosland well.

Anthony Crosland was never a committed pro-European to the extent, say, that Roy Jenkins was. Nor, however, was he ever actually anti-Europe on the model of Tony Benn. Basically in favour of more formal ties but unprepared to regard the union as a pill for every ill, Crosland early on became a yes-but European and never wavered in his tepid support. 34 Anthony Crosland: The Mixed Economy Economically, he was never really persuaded. 129 Late in life he was able to describe himself as having consistently been 'amongst the more sceptical of the "Pros" in this country' and therefore not personally to be blamed for the disappointment of unrealistic hopes: 'Total exports to the Community have risen, but total imports from the Community have risen more....

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Anthony Crosland: The Mixed Economy by David Reisman (auth.)

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