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Since an urgent injunction requires the Perfective or the determinate Imperfective, a more neutral injunction can only resort to the alternative aspectual form, which is the Imperfective or the indeterminate respectively. 4 Aspectual choice in negative and interrogative contexts A differential use of the determinate and indeterminate under negation is recognizable not only in imperatives, but also in statements. A negated determinate Imperfective implies the negation of the motion (86) or of the manner of motion (87), the predicate / verb being negated qua Imperfective (the Imperfective is the „unmarked‟ aspect used with negation).

2 Futurate interpretation of the present tense In all Slavic languages, determinate motion verbs can be used in the present tense to denote futurity (70)-(72), and the morphological present tense of Perfectives in East and West Slavic only denotes future tense. e. for a Perfective of „walk‟ or „carry‟, because the cessation of the motion can be described with verbs meaning „stop‟. This also explains why terminative Perfectives like Russian otljubit’ „stop loving‟ are extremely rare: a termination without a significant change of state is seldom relevant.

Russ. 4 Determinate Imperfectives as biaspectual The po-Perfective of an indeterminate Imperfective is not aspectually paired with the meaning (a) of the latter, because it does not denote a round-trip in any sense. (b) is the meaning of the indeterminate Imperfective qua Imperfective, when it is paired with the po-Perfective, while (a) is the meaning of the indeterminate Imperfective qua indeterminate, where it is paired with the determinate Imperfective qua determinate in the same way in which an Imperfective is paired with a Perfective in pairs like Russ.

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