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By Rodney Edgecombe

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Edwin Morgan was once born in 1920 in Glasgow and studied at Glasgow college the place he later taught literature. he's a lot well-liked for his experimental writings, his social poems, in addition to for the variety of his output. the current ebook includes a bankruptcy on Morgan s early imaginative and prescient poems (which have got scant severe consciousness hitherto); on his hodoiporika, The Cape of excellent desire and the hot Divan; a bankruptcy on his deployment of the ugly mode, focused mainly at the Instamatic Poems and The Whittrick; one other on his variations of the elegy, within which Edgecombe suggest a brand new style known as the thanasimon; and, ultimately, an exam of his a variety of monologic poems, learn by way of his avowed firm of voicing the universe. The research is crowned by means of a prologue that units out the consistency of Morgan s imaginative and prescient through the years, and tailed by means of an epilogue that connects his a number of severe pronouncements to his remarkably assorted output.

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And: J I M C R O W M U S T GO, M U S T GO! A n d he died quite alone. H e won’t rem ain alone. EAò m ù o W /J JS Aliò ro EA Ö TH FfiQKiH E A v£Vv/ A a/-GELS> AÆ£ r A L -L id G THE BARLACH SONG Oh, Mother, close the windows, do, T h e rain is surely coming And yonder is the bank of clouds T h at wants to fall upon us. W hat is in store for us W e have so much to dread A nd down to earth from heaven Angels are falling dead. Oh, Mother, close the doors, do, T h e rats are surely coming T h e hungry ones are out in front Those that have eaten follow.

T h ey said to me, H err Bierm ann, you Are well known to us all. Y o u ’re loyal to the D D R , Y ou ’ll hear your country’s call. Is it not true—now don’t be scared— T h a t for about a year Th ere has lived here a certain Frank Fillonk who’s got red hair? H e’s a subversive and at night Has offered provocation T o border guards. A t this point I M ade this m ild declaration: 33 6 “ W ith his fresh songs he’s tried to make Of me an agitator. I can tell you in confidence: I do not like the traitor.

J U L - IAH Q fit-* 1AU Lli/ES o*i— * M' Li't iJJ in i ii 1L1 u/ITH ¿ IS ______ JU L - IA H G f i l- M A U - L / i/ES OAi \H/7H US— rit. > LlilES AAIb Y E T J J I J IS Go/JE. M . J l j T P P i g HE LJt/ES Aa/2 YET U Goa/E • H£ COMRADE JULIÁN GRIMAU Oh, sister! W hen dawn is gray in M adrid W hile here the men are still sleeping Ju liá n G rim au is dying. Oh, brother! W hen dawn is gray in M adrid W hile here the sun rises bleeding Ju liá n G rim au is dying. Oh, mammal W hen dawn is gray in M adrid Before we are reading our newspapers Ju liá n G rim au is dying.

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