Onora O'Neill's Autonomy and Trust in Bioethics (Gifford Lectures, 2001) PDF

By Onora O'Neill

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Onora O'Neill means that the conceptions of person autonomy (so largely trusted in bioethics) are philosophically and ethically insufficient; they undermine instead of aid relationships in accordance with belief. Her arguments are illustrated with concerns raised via such practices because the use of genetic info by means of the police, examine utilizing human tissues, new reproductive applied sciences, and media practices for reporting on medication, technology and know-how. The examine appeals to a variety of readers in ethics, bioethics and comparable disciplines.

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Contemporary relations between professionals and patients are constrained, formalised and regulated in many ways, and may erode patients’ reasons for trusting. The very requirements to record and file medical information, for example, while intended to control information and protect patients, can inhibit doctors’ abilities to communicate freely. Doctors, like many other professionals, find themselves pressed to be accountable rather than to be communicative, to conform to regulations rather than to enter relations of trust.

Or could the very conceptions of autonomy and of respecting autonomy, that have been at the heart of so many policies for regulating medicine, science and biotechnology, threaten the maintenance and creation of trust? Is loss of trust perhaps the price of increasing autonomy? Must we choose between respect for autonomy and relations of trust?  TRUST AND AUTONOMY IN MEDICAL ETHICS Answers to all of these questions are complicated because various conceptions of autonomy and of trust are in play, between which Gaining autonomy and losing trust?

We could not understand amnesties, or reconciliation, or forgiveness, or confidence building: all are instances of placing trust despite poor evidence of past reliability. Placing trust is not dictated by what has happened: it is given, built and conferred, refused and withdrawn, in ways that often go beyond or fall short of that evidence. Nevertheless the most common explanation for refusal to place trust is that it is a reasonable response to prior untrustworthiness or unreliability, and correspondingly that trust is a proper response to prior trustworthiness or reliability.

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