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By John Hutnyk

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Cultural reviews ordinarily claims to be an intensive self-discipline. This publication thinks that is a foul review. Cultural theorists like to toy with Marx, yet severe considering turns out to fall into visible traps. After an advent and is the reason why the 'Marxism' of the academy is unrecognisable and principally unrecognised in anti-capitalist struggles, undesirable Marxism presents specific analyses of Cultural reports' adored strikes via conserving fieldwork, records, empires, hybrids and alternate up opposed to the sensible feedback of anti-capitalism. attractive with the paintings of key thinkers: Jacques Derrida, James Clifford, Gayatri Spivak, Georges Bataille, Homi Bhabha, Michael Hardt and Toni Negri, Hutnyk concludes via advocating an open Marxism that's either pro-party and pro-critique, whereas being neither dogmatic, nor dull.

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Here he means that the eastward movement of Russian fur traders towards California, collecting merchandise to exchange for tea in China, makes ‘renewed sense’. What does it ‘prefigure’? qxd 5/8/04 10:46 PM Page 39 Fort Ross Mystifications 39 border becomes ever more porous’ (1997:303). Clifford will return to this scene again and again: discussing the trade in sea-otter pelts he is reminded of the ‘overwhelming Chinese demand for exotic goods’ in past centuries that returns today and ‘Asia feels nearby again.

And what does the contemporary fascination with the travelling histories of commodities signify when Marxist analysis is trivialised and twisted into misrecognition by West Coast professors rejecting pessimism but applauding uncertainty in the place where analysis might be preferred? It is not my intention to answer all these questions, but to raise them as a framework for critical evaluation of what Clifford is trying to do. * * * Given a propensity for drawing upon signifying conjunctions and traffic in theory on Clifford’s part, I also want to point to certain connections.

Annette Weiner, who also did her fieldwork on Kiriwina in the Trobriands, says ‘No other ethnography has had a more lasting impact’ (Weiner 1988:140), and it has never been out of print. qxd 5/8/04 10:45 PM Page 26 26 Bad Marxism structures the book (Hutnyk 1988:46). 1922). The influence of Malinowski’s Trobriand text has travelled in many directions and justice could not be done in a single essay to the disciplinary ramifications alone, leaving aside the political, social, economic and psychological consequences of the work’s itinerary.

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