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By Friedrich Nietzsche

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It is a significant paintings through the thinker Friedrich Nietzsche, whose writings were deeply influential on next generations of philosophers. it truly is provided right here in a brand new translation by way of Judith Norman, with an creation by way of Rolf Peter Horstmann that areas the paintings in its historic and philosophical context.

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Within the nineteenth century, the heritage of philosophy turns into the historical past of a specific technology. sleek philosophical historiography is an ambivalent undertaking. at the one hand, we discover an affirmative notion of Bildung via culture and ancient perception; at the different, there arises a serious mirrored image on ancient schooling within the mild of an rising critique of contemporary tradition.

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The goal . . Sils-Maria, Upper Engadine, June, 1 885 4 Part I On the prejudices of philosophers I The will to truth that still seduces us into taking so many risks, this famous truthfulness that all philosophers so far have talked about with veneration: what questions this will to truth has already laid before us! What strange, terrible, questionable questions! That is already a long story - and yet it seems to have hardly begun? Is it any wonder if we finally become suspicious, lose patience, turn impatiently away?

Granted, the European experiences this tension as a crisis or state of need; and twice already there have been attempts, in a grand fashion, to unbend the bow, once through Jesuitism, and the second time through the democratic Enlightenment: - which, with the help of freedom of the press and circu­ lation of newspapers, might really insure that spirit does not experience itself so readily as "need"! (Germans invented gunpowder - all honors due! ) But we, who are neither Jesuits nor democrats, nor even German enough, we good Europeans and free, very free spirits - we still have it, the whole need of spirit and the whole tension of its bow!

They all act as if they had discovered and arrived at their genuine convictions through the self-development of a cold, pure, divinely insouciant dialectic (in contrast to the mystics of every rank, who are more honest than the philosophers and also sillier - they talk about "inspiration" -): while what essentially happens is that they take a conjecture, a whim, an "inspiration" or, more typically, they take some fervent wish that they have sifted through and made properly abstract - and they defend it with rationalizations after the fact.

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Beyond Good and Evil: Prelude to a Philosophy of the Future (Clearscan) by Friedrich Nietzsche

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