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By Richard F. Thompson and Michael M. Patterson (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0126894027

ISBN-13: 9780126894028

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S e 1. THE ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAM 37 though the precentral or motor areas are yet relatively unaffected. Could the left visual area process information while such aberrant slow waves are present instead of the normal alpha waves? It would be interesting to know. In all likelihood some aspect of the visual perceptual process would have been adversely affected. But let us look at the full-blown seizure in the lower record showing spike and slow wave patterns in all traces on the left side: occipital, parietal, precentral, and frontal, with the precentral and frontal traces showing a phase reversal indicating that the focus of the seizure (as it often is in petit mal epilepsy) is in the premotor region.

Often the characteristics manifested in t h e E E G of a person seem to be quite consistent from one recording session- to another even when spread out over months or years. Each person's E E G pattern seems to be quite unique, although there are of course many who have similar patterns. The alpha wave patterns of a normal adult can change in a matter of minutes as his attitude changes from one of apprehensiveness about the procedure and what his record might show to one* of relaxation and satisfaction when assured that the first record has been taken and all is well.

This is illustrated in Fig. 1-12 where three different drugs were compared for their effects upon the tell-tale pathognomonic spike and wave pattern of petit mal epilepsy. Rather than just waiting for the pattern to occur spontaneously during the resting record, a procedure of hyperventilation was employed as well. In this procedure, a 9-year-old girl breathing deeply for 30 sec or so was enough to set off a spike and wave seizure discharge, as is shown in the top record without medication. The resting records show essentially normal alpha rhythms in the occipital regions and only low amplitude slow waves in the precentral regions; during hyperventilation there is continuous seizure discharge.

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