Download PDF by D. Danon, A. Knyszynski, L. Hayflick (auth.), Professor Dr.: Blood Cells, Rheology, and Aging

By D. Danon, A. Knyszynski, L. Hayflick (auth.), Professor Dr. med. Dieter Platt (eds.)

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The purity of the preparation was controlled by electron microscopic studies. There were no significant differences in protein content and wet weight of the pellets of red blood cell ghosts isolated from all investigated groups. The activities of the Mg2 +-Na +-K +-ATPase and Mg2+ -Na+ -ATPase were measured by the methods of Emmelot et al. (1965). The protein content of the final ghost preparations (15-50 Ilg) was determined by the Lowry (1951) procedure, with bovine serum. The erythrocytes of 35 male healthy persons of two age groups (1) between 15 and 30 years of age, and (2) older than 70 years and two blood groups (A and 0) were centrifuged for 4 h at ...

And there I hope we've proven that it's all posttranslational. · In the literature I found more than 120 different parameters which changed with the age of the red blood cell, but there's no information about different life spans from old and young donors, and that is, I think, a big problem. D. Gershon: Yes, well, in this afternoon's paper you will see information. There is a division oflabor in the family. Weksler: What happens if you perform bone marrow transplants between old and young; in other words, is the old bone marrow changed or is it the environment in which the new cell finds itself?

Proc Nat! Acad Sci USA 74:1521 Ashwell G, Morell AG (1974) The role of surface carbohydrate in the hepatic recognition and transport of circulating glycoproteins. Adv Enzymol 41 :99 Bertolini AM (1962) Modifications of cellular enzymatic systems during ageing. Gerontologia 6:175 Danon D, Marikowsky Y (1961) Difference de charge eIectrique de surface entre erythrocytes jeunes et ages. CR Acad Sci 253:1271 Damborough J, Dunsford I, Wallace JA (1961) The en a antigen and antibody. A genetical modification of human red cells affecting their blood grouping reactions.

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