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Chess defined books offer an knowing of a gap and the middlegames to which it leads, allowing you in finding the ideal strikes and plans on your personal video games. it really is as though you have been sitting on the board with a chess trainer answering your questions about the plans for each side, the guidelines at the back of specific strikes, and what particular wisdom you must have.The Gr?nfeld Defence is among the such a lot competitive openings at Black's disposal. He creates fast imbalance and plans to strike at White's centre with all on hand assets. An insipid reaction from White would possibly not even keep equality, so often strains he's taking up the gauntlet: he creates a wide pawn-centre and places this to exploit to release an assault. whereas the idea of those traces has been largely built, there's a coherent logical thread working via them: the Gr?nfeld is basically a gap of grand principles, which have to be understood good so one can familiarize yourself with the idea and deal with the ensuing positions. This booklet presents a dialogue of all significant strains, and a distinct contribution from Viacheslav Eingorn at the key rules of the Rb1 trade major line, which he was once instrumental in constructing within the Seventies and Nineteen Eighties.

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1h. ie3 0-0 In this game, we look at lines where Black embarks upon immediate counterplay involv­ ing the moves ... cxd4. We should note that ... lba5 is not an option with the c4-bishop indirectly defended by a possible check on a4. g4 (D) There is no reason to begin with I O. g4 the d4-pawn is adequately . CHESS EXPLAINED: THE GRONFELD 44 protected, and instead of the weakening 1 2 f3 White has at his disposal the useful 1 2 h3. A few words about the timing of the exchange on d4. c 1 and which formation - with the c-pawns or without them - is preferable in case of the capture on f7.

In the stem game for the tt::la4 idea, the system's au­ thor Nadanian chose 1 1 1i'd4 1i'a5+ 1 2 b4, but later it was discovered that after 1 2 ... 1i'a3 Black stands well. tg2 followed by 1i'c3, 0-0 and play on the weak dark squares and half-open f-file is preferred. The tripled pawns on the e-file can hardly constitute a ma­ terial advantage, but White's initiative persists, 6 0-0 White's move-order has avoided the lines with ... tf5 as an extra option. With the knight still on g l , the natural reaction would be f3, but here White must take steps to deal with the knight leap to ••• CHESS EXPLAINED: THE GRONFELD 34 b4.

On withdrawing from the centre. However, in the past hundred years the assessment criteria have become more liberal and concrete. How can the exchange on c3 be avoided? Withdrawing from c3 is one possible answer. But withdrawing where? Not to e4 White's plans call for that square to be reserved for a pawn. That leaves us with a4 - and at least there it does something useful by controlling the c5-square. Of course, this continuation does not purport to refute the Griinfeld Defence; on the other hand, Black's attempts at counter-refutation, which this knight leap initially provoked, met with little success, and today this variation has the reputation of being quite playable.

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