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A quick, to-the-point presentation of crucial issues in medical body structure. allows the reader to work out cardio-pulmonary-renal body structure in addition to immunology and different parts as a transparent conceptual complete.

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EVALUATION OF CARDIAC FUNCTION x • " After a slight delay, the impulses from the atria enter the atrioventricular (AV) node. From there, impulses spread rapidly along a system of specialized conducting muscle fibers (purkinje fibers) to depolarize the regular muscle cells of the ventricles, leading to ventricular contraction (systole). The delay at the AV node helps ensure that there is enough time fOf the ventricles to fill. The rapid conduction through the Purkinje fibers enables the ventricular muscle fibers to contract simultaneously, allowing a nearly synchronous and more efficient propulsion ofbJood from the right and left ventricles.

T Figure 5-7 41 - 1-- ·--f- , • · CHAPTER 5. EVALUATION OF CARD1AC FUNCTION nal to be detected in the EeG. l ,• •• · P-R interval: the interval from the beginning of the P wave to the beginning of the QRS complex.. It reflects the time required for conduction oCthe impulse through the atria, AV node, common bundle, and bundle branches up to the time of ventricular depolarization. ,, QRS interval: the interval from the beginning of the Q wave to the end of the S W8\'e. It reflects the depo- I I I I larization of muscle fibers in the ventricles.

53 represents rapid passive ventricular filling, occurring when the ventricles begin to expand during diastole. 83 is heard pathologically in older adults with ventricular failure as a "ventricular gallop," sounding like "Ken-tue-ky," the three syllables representing 81,82 and 83 respectively. The ventricles generally are overfilling in an 83 muonur. 84 represents rapid active ventricular filling, which occurs when the atria contract and empty in the latter part ofventricular diastole. An 84 may be heard in various cardiac diseases as an "atrial gallop," sounding like "Ten-nes-see," reflecting 84, SI, and 82 in sequence.

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