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By Félix Guattari, Antonio Negri

ISBN-10: 0936756217

ISBN-13: 9780936756219

Politics after the autumn.

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At the moment when the whole of society was finally absorbed into production, and the entirety of working and everyday life was exposed as fundamentally political, that po­ litical character was repressed, denied and manipulated. What a gothic sort of society 42 FELIX GuATIARI & ToNI NEGRI acter of universality. But the universality with which they were decked out didn't suit them in the least! Instead of a well-fitting hat, it is a mask, a cowl which only disfigures the expression of their needs, their interests, and their desires.

It is under the im­ petus of this terror that the nuclear state be­ came the central figure of Integrated World Capitalism. At present the club of nuclear powers subjects on a large scale all nations and peoples to its multicentered networks; but it also dictates in details the countless conflicts and local strifes which poison life on this earth, repressing or fueling them at will. In the Third World, since the so-called period of "decolonization," all these conflicts make up some kind of world war that doesn't dare call itself by that name.

The process de­ veloped in two directions. In the first place, as the international integration of national economies on an in­ creasingly world scale, and their subordina­ tion within a polycentric and rigorously planned project of control. ). " Indeed, statist command and the national States thus undergo a veritable deterritorialization. Integrated World Capi­ talism is not limited to recomposing, using new forms of unification, the flux and hier­ archies of statist powers in their traditional sense.

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Communists like us: new spaces of liberty, new lines of alliance by Félix Guattari, Antonio Negri

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