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Do we locate choices to the failed radical initiatives of the twentieth-century? What are the prospective types of fight this present day? How will we struggle again opposed to the distress of our crisis-ridden current? "Communization" is the spectre of the instant fight to abolish capitalism and the kingdom, which haunts Europe, Southern California, and anywhere the genuine abstractions of worth that form our lives are contested. Evolving at the terrain of capitalism new practices of the "human strike," self sustaining communes, profession, and insurrection have attacked the alienations of our occasions. those indicators of resistance are scattered and feature but to coalesce, and their destiny is intentionally precarious and insecure. Bringing jointly voices from inside and out of those currents Communization and Its Discontents treats Communization as an issue to be explored instead of an answer. Taking within the new theorisations of Communization proposed by way of Tiqqun and The Invisible Committee, Th???©orie Communiste, post-autonomists, and others, it deals severe reflections at the probabilities and the bounds of those modern kinds, recommendations, and strategies of fight. participants contain: Alberto Toscano, Nicole Pepperell, Anthony Iles, Marina Vishmidt, Evan Calder Williams, Jason E Smith, Th???©orie Communiste, Endnotes, Jasper Bernes, John Cunningham, George Ciccariello-Maher, and Alexander Galloway.

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Of course, there are objects which are used to produce, others which are directly consumed, and others still which are used for both. e. to 54 The Moment of Communization conceive a moment of appropriation, is to presuppose points of rupture, of ‘coagulation’ of human activity: the market in market societies, the depot where goods are freely available in certain visions of communism. The ‘product’ is not a simple thing. To speak of the ‘product’ is to suppose that a result of human activity appears as finite vis-à-vis another such result or the sphere of other such results.

Not insensitive to the problem of this subject, The Coming Insurrection sets out with a disavowal of the Fichtean I=I which it finds exemplified in Reebok’s ‘I am what I am’ slogan. 23 But the ‘we’ that rejects this imposition is still a voluntarist subject; its disavowal of the ‘self ’ remains only a disavowal, and the replacement of this by more interesting-sounding terms does not get us out of the problem. In taking the imposition of the ‘self ’ upon it to be something unidirectional and purely external, the ‘we’ posits another truer self beyond the first, a self which is truly its own.

In the moment in which Tiqqun was born, as the structures of the old workers’ movement lay behind it and the field of action became an indeterminate ‘globalization’ – the horizon of a triumphant liberal capitalism – class belonging appeared as something which had been already cast aside, a mere shed skin, and capital too became correspondingly difficult to identify as the other pole of an 35 Communization and its Discontents inherently antagonistic relation. Here lies the historically-specific content represented by these texts: the indeterminacy of the object of antagonism, the voluntaristic relation to the totality constructed around this antagonism, the indifference to the problem of class and its overcoming.

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