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The aim of this quantity is to reconsider the questions posed by way of Derrida's writings and his designated philosophical positioning, irrespective of the trap words that experience supposedly summed up deconstruction.

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The expressions "tautology'' and "a priori syn­ thesis," and especially the word "performative" are not Benjaminian, but I'll venture to suggest that they do not betray his purposes. The admiring fascination exerted on the people by "the figure of the "great' criminal," (p. 28 1 ) (die Gestalt des "grossen " Verbrechers), �:an be explained as follows: it is not someone who has committed this or that crime for which one feels a secret admiration; it is someone who, in defying the law, lays bare the violence of the legal system, the juridical order itself.

C�l)ght, lodged, at least as a ghost-but an essential ghost-in every decision, in every event of decision. Its ghostliness deconstructsfrom within any assurance of ]acq11es Derrida I 25 presence, any certitude or any supposed criteriology that would assure us of iJ)e JUStice of a decision, in truth of the very event of a decision. Who will ever-be able to assure us that a decision as such has taken place? That it has not, through such and such a detour, followed a cause, a calculation, a rule, without even that imperceptible suspense that marks any free decision, at the moment that a rule is, or is not, a pplied ?

Beyond the letter of Benjamin's text, which I stopped following in the style of commentary a moment ago but which I am interpreting from the point of its avenir, one can say that the order of intelligibility depends in its turn on the established order that it serves to interpret. This readability will then be as little neutral as it is non-violent. A "successful" revolution, the "successful foun­ dation of a state" (in somewhat the same sense that one speaks of a " felicitous performative speech act") will produce apres coup what it was destined in advance to produce, namely, proper interpretative models to read in return, to give sense, necessity and above all legiti­ macy to the violence that has produced, among others, the interpre­ tative model in question, that is, the discourse of its self-legitimation.

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