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David Charles provides 14 new essays through best specialists with regards to definition in Greek philosophers from Socrates to Plotinus.

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4 The sort of definition that Socrates is after is a specification of whatever it is about a pious thing (or person5) which makes it pious. 6 It might then be natural to construe ‘by which all pious things are pious’ in terms of identity or of constitution; but there might be other possibilities too. Participation in a Platonic Form, for instance, might resist analysis in these ways without resting on a relation of efficient causation either; if so, a more abstractly specified analogue of 3 Ó. ÌÝìíÅóÆØ ïsí ‹ôØ ïP ôïFôü óïØ äØåŒåºåıüìÅí, £í ôØ j äýï ìå äØäÜîÆØ ôHí ðﺺHí ›óßøí, Iººš KŒåEíï ÆPôe ôe år äïò fiz ðÜíôÆ ôa ‹óØÆ ‹óØÜ KóôØí; ŠçÅóŁÆ ªÜæ ðïı ìØA fi NäÝÆ fi ôÜ ôå IíüóØÆ IíüóØÆ år íÆØ ŒÆd ôa ‹óØÆ ‹óØÆ· j ïP ìíÅìïíåýåØò; ¯.

The best definitions will be phrased in terms which are clear and well understood. While definitions can be used for various purposes in different contexts, there is not a variety of types of definition. In Aristotelian terms, their definitions most resemble accounts of what terms signify. They are not put forward as accounts of the unitary, causally basic essences of the objects or kind signified. 19 There are important questions about the detail of the Stoic account of definition, even abstracting from their particular views about preconceptions and conceptions.

What might this basis be? There could be more than one answer to this, but an obvious one is that Plato thinks that the ‘no reason’ option is ruled out by the sort of considerations which are advanced in the modern Euthyphro dilemma. If the gods love the pious for no reason, then they are being arbitrary, whimsical; and this, Plato may think, is unacceptable—indeed, it is just the sort of picture of the gods which was put in doubt earlier in the dialogue,35 and which we will find Euthyphro himself committed to rejecting later in the dialogue when he endorses the idea of the gods as perfect and 33 The Religion of Socrates, p.

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